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As one of the leading mileage and award points brokers in the United States, ShlomoSmiles can secure steeply discounted first class and business class airfare to almost any international destination.

Our booking process is smooth, simple and secure, and we take care of all your travel preparations. We not only book your flight, but we make sure you get on the plane and enjoy an incredible flight.

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Our Services

ShlomoSmiles is an internationally renown rewards points and airline miles broker. With our diverse range of professional contracts and strategic partnerships, we're able to access a database of millions of rewards points and airline miles on behalf of our clients.

We utilize our database of rewards miles to secure steeply discounted airfare tickets for thousands of our clients. We've been at this a long time, and we know how to find you an incredible discount, wherever and whenever your flying.


So, you want to book a ticket with your miles, but you simply don't have enough ...

There's no need to worry because we have the miles and points you need to finalize your itinerary. We've sold millions of points to our clients, and our transactions are safe, secure and 100% headache free. On top of all that, we transfer your points into your account within an hour, and we'll match any legitimate offer you've received. Simply put, there's nowhere better to buy airline miles than right here.


Your bank is offering lousy rewards prizes and you don't travel all that much ...

We have a solution for you. We offer the best rates in the business for your miles, and our process is simple, quick and easy. Cash is king, and you know your miles are worth more than what the bank is offering. What's worse, many airline miles expire, leaving you with nothing in return. Contact us today, and you'll see hoe easy it is to unload your miles in exchange for quick, easy cash.


About ShlomoSmiles

S lomoSmiles is your #1 destination for luxury travel at discounted rates, and buying / selling airline miles and rewards points.

For years we have been providing miles and know-how to travel agencies, allowing them to sell tickets at significantly cheaper rates. We have expanded our company to provide personalized service that allows individual customers and not just travel agencies to maximize their award usage and decrease the cost of travel.

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